What are the causes for residential foundation problems? Any cracks in the foundations can lead to many problems such as cracking, shifting, settling and many more. Foundation shift is caused by soil moving around and compressing. The other causes for issues with foundations include poor drainage, expansion or contraction of soil around the foundations. Poor compaction also means the soil was not compressed properly prior to construction of the structure.


Due to poor grading, expansion or contraction of soils on the foundation, the load of the home has shifted over time causing the soil to buckle. This can cause residential foundation damage that weakens the structure. The cracks expand as the pressure on the ground continues to build up causing more cracks. The pressure from the expanding cracks causes more cracks and this causes a domino effect. As each crack enlarges, the impact to the home becomes more severe and can cause further damage.


Residential foundation repair should include quality products. It is important to work with professionals who use quality products and techniques when working on any residential property. These companies should also be able to provide you with estimates for the repairs. A reputable company will give you a free estimate and will work with you and your architect to determine what repairs are needed.


When your soil begins to settle and the weight of your home begins to shift, the structure begins to weaken. Foundation crack areas will widen because the earth continues to expand. In addition to soil movement, other factors, such as wind, rain, snow and chemicals can cause cracks in your walls and the underlying soil. For example, if your home needs a foundation repair due to wind, debris and ice, the material will settle as it bounces back into the earth. If your home needs foundation repair due to heavy rain, mud and snow, the water will continue to erode the structure as well as the soil, creating cracks.


You don’t have to put up with this type of problem. If you notice cracks in your home, contact us today and learn about residential foundation repair. We will gladly come to your house and evaluate the situation. With our help you can get a refund or repair the problem for free.


Unfortunately, no matter how much care you take to keep your home looking nice, there will still be problems that occur. For example, cracks along walls are normal, especially in homes built on soil that has not been adequately consolidated. A professional company that specializes in residential foundation repair can correct these problems. They can also correct minor cracks along walls that become bigger over time as the ground settles and expands. These larger cracks can allow water to enter your home, causing costly mold growth and mildew problems.


Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to address their residential foundation repair themselves. While it is possible to correct minor foundation problems without the assistance of a contractor, it is also very difficult to tackle larger projects such as cracks along walls or severe subsidence. If your home has lost significant weight, it may be impossible to find the right size foundation repair equipment. And if your contractor does not possess the proper equipment to fix your foundation problem, you may end up paying even more than you need to. Contacting a residential contractor to take care of your foundation problem will ensure that you get the help you need without spending more money than you have to.


Another reason to contact a professional for residential foundation repair is that you can often get better service by working with a contractor that specializes in residential service. For example, a reputable contractor will use high quality steel piers and helical piers that are designed specifically for foundation work. These piers are designed to withstand the weight of each building or home placed on them. If you hire a contractor who does not utilize these specialized steel piers, they may not know how to properly support your building’s foundation or they may charge you more money than is necessary.