Choosing a foundation contractor is a very important part of your home improvement project. When it comes to the foundation of your home, you want to be sure that you hire a reputable company or business that will provide you with the best foundation services possible. Not only must they be able to perform the basic foundation services but they should also be experienced so they can provide you with additional services after the initial foundation work has been completed.


Most basement problems can be traced to two major factors; poor water drainage and the lack of adequate waterproofing. If there is a foundation fracture, it will usually be obvious because it will create an opening large enough for a person to pass through. When the foundation is weak, there are many other causes for basement problems such as foundation damage from being poured too wet, cracks in the floor from being pinched by outside walls, foundation creaks from the settling of the house, settling of the foundation walls themselves due to changes in the soil around the building, and cracks from improper footer drains. A majority of foundation contractors also perform a thorough inspection after a building has been constructed to check for any remaining problems that need attention before beginning work on another part of the basement. In most cases, all of these common foundation repairs can be done at the same time.


There are many other issues that need attention to prevent foundation damage and problems from occurring in the future. Two of the most important areas are footings and concrete footings. Footings are what holds the ground in place and keeps it from moving because the foundation contains a layer of soil on top of it. If the foundation has any damage to the foundation footings are cracked or show signs of moisture damage, foundation contractors should be consulted immediately.


Concrete footings are the bottom of the foundation slab and they are what the exterior wall of the building rests on. Cracks in the foundation slab can become larger over time and allow water to penetrate inside of them, causing additional foundation stresses. When this happens the walls of the house will begin to weaken because they are no longer held in place as securely as they used to be. When the external wall becomes weak there is no way to support the weight of the house and when the external walls begin to weaken, they can bow and move causing more structural damage. Many foundation repair specialists will suggest to their clients to have concrete repairs made to correct these problems or they may suggest a different type of foundation to use.


In addition to basement foundation issues many times there is poor drainage in the basement. Poor drainage allows rain water to get into the home and the groundwater is then absorbed by the carpeting, flooring, furniture, etc. This absorption makes it much more likely for mold to grow, which is an especially bad issue in the basement since it is usually below ground. Foundation contractors can often detect whether or not there is poor drainage in a basement and can advise the homeowner on the best course of action to correct this issue. Other types of foundation concerns include those that involve the structural integrity of the home because of the existence of built-up contaminants in the air such as radon.


Foundation footings are vital to the overall health of the home because they seal off the foundation from the interior. The presence of cracks and other structural problems with the footings can mean that there is a leaky pipe behind the foundation which allows excess groundwater to seep in. Without proper footings it is possible to have your home flooded completely and losing everything in the house. Footings are typically made of concrete and if they are not properly maintained or replaced it is likely that you will experience foundation problems within a few years.