When you decide to hire a home waterproofing contractor, you are making a big investment in your home and your health! Winter brings with it many issues that make your house uncomfortable – from cold and flu to mold and mildew. Wet basements are dangerous for adults and can lead to serious structural damage to the home. You have to decide if the cost of a waterproofing project is worth it. Will it prevent a future flood? What are choices, and which is the right solution?


There are many different solutions to every problem; however, there isn’t necessarily a universal solution to prevent a flooded basement. As such, professional companies should thoroughly familiarize you with the various waterproofing techniques, so that you know what’s going on with your property. If you live in a region that experiences high precipitation, then the risk for a flooded basement is even greater. If you do experience a basement flood, then hiring home waterproofing contractors can save your home from further damage. In addition, professional contractors can install the proper siding on the exterior of your home, which will also help prevent leaks. Professional waterproofing contractors can also make sure that the soil around the foundation of your home is drained properly to keep your basement dry.


In areas that experience extremely heavy rainfall, such as the Florida panhandle or the central United States, residents may need to call on basement waterproofing contractors several times during the year. In these cases, heavy storms may come through the spring, causing rivers and streams to overheat and then dry up. As the water recedes, standing water in the soil can form holes, which provide the perfect environment for roots to grow. This growth creates pressure on the foundation of the home, which can cause serious foundation repair to become necessary.


The two primary methods of waterproofing homes are interior drainage systems, which are installed inside the walls, and exterior drainage systems, which are installed outside the walls. Interior waterproofing is usually achieved with perforated pipes placed in strategic areas. These pipes drain away from the foundation and into the crawl space. Exterior drainage systems are planted with deeper roots and have perforations for the pipes that drain away from the foundation. These pipes are typically buried with holes that allow them to drain away from the foundation.


Although interior and exterior waterproofing can be done by separate companies, oftentimes it is cheaper to hire one expert for both methods. Therefore, if you notice cracks in the sump pump, you may want to call a waterproofing contractor to check the foundation. On the other hand, if your basement starts to leak, but you don’t have any visible damage to the interior, you probably won’t need a foundation repair specialist. If you do have a noticeable damage, however, hiring a professional home waterproofing company will ensure that you get your money’s worth.


Once the foundation and interior cavities are waterproofed, the next step is to install a vapor barrier between the exterior and the interior. Most contractors recommend using a vapor barrier that has at least three layers. The first layer acts as an insulation, while the second layer acts as a water-retaining barrier. A third layer is used to absorb moisture and prevent mold from forming. Adding a vapor barrier between the interior and exterior will save you time and money by stopping water from leaking into your basement.


Even though a vapor barrier can be used to stop leaks, you still may have a leaky basement if there isn’t a vapor barrier. If this is the case, your only option is to hire a professional home waterproofing company to repair your leaking foundation and sump pump. If you choose to fix the problem yourself, you will need to purchase new plumbing and electrical equipment. In addition, repairing a leaking foundation and sump pump will also cost you a lot more money than simply waterproofing your basement. This is why most homeowners opt to hire professionals to repair foundation and sump pump leaks.


Now that you know what the process entails, you should contact one of the many foundation waterproofing contractors in Bend Oregon. Before you do, though, make sure you have a leaky basement so you know exactly how much work needs to be done. Your local contractors will be able to determine if your basement has a high volume of water. If so, they will let you know how much work it will require. If not, they will be able to tell you whether or not they have any special equipment to help seal a crawl space.