Basement waterproofing contractors have the expertise necessary to transform a basement into an effective moisture-free environment. Basement waterproofing contractors can perform a variety of tasks that include installing vapor barriers, installing insulation, and cleaning the interior of the space. Below ground spaces are particularly susceptible to water infiltration, cracking concrete walls, or worse, mold development. These conditions can be avoided by sealing the underground spaces and installing the right equipment to keep the area dry and free of moisture. Here are some of the most common problems linked to damp basement spaces and the steps homeowners can take to prevent them.


Basement mold is caused by moisture seeping in through cracks in the foundation or floors and ceilings. A qualified waterproofing contractor will identify areas that are vulnerable to water infiltration, fix drains, and remove mold from these areas using products like Bleach & Drain cleaner or Methylene Chloride. A mold specialist will conduct a visual inspection of your basement to determine the extent of the problem and recommend solutions. The job of a basement waterproofing contractor should be sealed by using a waterproofing membrane and special mold-resistant paint.


Leaking basement water is a problem that northern basement systems, such as basements underneath homes in attics, crawlspaces, and mobile homes pose more often than not. The problem usually stems from insufficient waterproofing materials or poor installation. In most cases, basements that experience moisture infiltration need to be sealed using thick plastic mesh or a similar substance to prevent moisture from leaking into other areas of the building. Basement waterproofing contractors can perform basement waterproofing services using a variety of methods, including skylights, underfloor heating, and fiberglass panels. Other options available from basement waterproofing contractors include placing carpet runners, placing mats, installing air ducts, or using vapor barriers.


The type of materials used to waterproof basements has an impact on the costs incurred. Contractors are typically charged according to the square footage, which basically means that larger basements will cost more to waterproof than smaller ones. One advantage of hiring a basement waterproofing professional is that the contractor will be able to offer detailed basement waterproofing cost estimates.


Most basement waterproofing professionals employ the use of a sump pump to prevent water from entering the basement. This type of equipment is not very expensive and can save homeowners a lot of money. Many basements do not have enough standing water pressure to warrant the installation of a sump pump. Another method that many waterproofers employ is the installation of a concrete slab around the foundation. While this method does prevent moisture from seeping into the foundation, it does not address the presence of mold. A mold expert will be required in this case.


Exterior waterproofing solutions are available for basement foundations. Exterior waterproofing solutions will make sure that your foundation and walls are protected against underground water. One good example of an exterior waterproofing solution is the use of heavy-duty vinyl tiles. These tiles will protect the walls from the occurrence of leaks. Also, they will stop basement mold from occurring.


If you need help with any aspect of basement waterproofing, it would be wise to contact a professional contracting company. One good way to find a reputable contracting firm is to call a reliable source like the Better Business Bureau. This agency maintains a database of companies that have been contacted for complaints regarding service. It also maintains a list of members who have filed cases against the company on which you can consult. Calling the Better Business Bureau is the best way to determine if a particular contracting firm can help you or not.


You should also ensure that the firm you hire has a license number. You should also ensure that the firm you hire has been referred by another client. There are many firms that claim to be experienced in basement waterproofing services but some of them turn out to be fraudulent. For this reason, it is very important to hire only the best and most reliable contractors. Finally, before you hire any firm for basement waterproofing services, make sure you meet with their team and discuss in detail the services they will provide you with.